April 15, 2008

Pope visit to the United States and its implications

Pope BenEdict XVI is arriving today among the most strict security measures at the Andrews Air Base for his first visit to the United States since the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. What are the inferences of this Papal Visit to catholics in this country and americans in general?
Will his visit influence the voters in the comming election?
The abuses of some members of the clergy have disenchanted many practicing catholics; Will He be able to mend the damage?
The islamic radicalism is also of great concern for political and religious leaders. Some in the news media are suggesting that there is a hidden agenda in this Papal visit.
I believe that, although Pope Benedict XVI does not have the charisma his predecesor John Paul II irradiated; He may be able to accomplish some of the changes needed to
continue the reconciliation process within the Church internally and show the World that it will be a better place when the doctrine of Love overcome the doctrine of Hate. Recommend: The Great Crusader, Newsmax Magazine [Cover photo from Newsmax Magazine]

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