April 19, 2008

Is Barack Hussein Obama America’s Savior?

Family Security MattersARRA News Service - Mark R. Taylor, Family Security Matters: Barack Hussein Obama is telling America his belief that small town folks across this nation are "bitter" and turning to "faith and guns" over the state of the economy. Perhaps, Sen. Obama, we are bitter, but we are not turning to "faith and guns." A majority of us have always had our faith and owned our guns in good times and bad. Our faith and sometimes our guns have been passed down from generation to generation of proud Americans. Rather, it is the behavior of politicians in Washington, of which you are one, that is frustrating and disgusting small town America.

I am not "bitter," but I am angry and bewildered that many Americans are so blinded – for whatever reason - that they would believe for one moment that this "savior" will suddenly "change" their lives. He’ll change their lives, all right, but not in the direction that the average American has ever wished for this great nation.

So, if elected, just how will Obama "change" America? Will we continue to be the free, capitalist society that has made this country strong or will we spiral into a nanny state nation with no sovereignty, a rewritten history, and fewer and fewer Constitutional rights? For example ... [Read More]
Simple Answer: No! - - Vote John McCain for President

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