April 26, 2008

Hucakbee Supports McCain Against "Hillary R. Obama"

ARRA News Service - Former rival Mike Huckabee campaigned together with Sen. John McCain on Friday. Per the AP:
Huckabee joked that they were so civil as opponents they don't have to "unsay" any bad things. McCain said that early in the GOP campaign, they had a lot of time to get to know each other when both were dismissed as the longest of long shots. Chatting with reporters on the Straight Talk Express campaign bus, McCain recalled the days when they were relegated to the most distant ends of the podium in the early Republican debates, drawing few questions from the moderators. "Governor Huckabee and I had lots of time to chat with each other," McCain laughed. "We became friends on the campaign trail."
Asked about McCain's support among social conservatives, Huckabee believed they would rally around McCain because the stakes are so high. Hucakbee identified the most Republican voters are worried about "Hillary R. Obama." McCain and Huckabee were together with their wives and attended a closed GOP fundraiser and visited a men's leadership class at Arkansas Baptist College, a traditionally black private college. McCain's visited the college as part of his "time for action" tour because the college is an example of a success story to be celebrated. [Photo via egopnews.com]

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